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Direction for Use
DryMax™ Nano Waterproof Coating
DryMax™ is suitable for bare or unpainted surface and after applying or spraying the product, water or oil-based paint cannot be appliced on top.
Step 1. Surface Preparation
In case of new concrete, leave concrete to properly cure and clean the surface.
In case of old concrete, strip all the old paint off and leave the stripped surface to completely dry for 2 days.
Step 2. Treatment
Apply or spray the product by brush, roller or spraying machine 1 time thoroughly on the surface. The product will start to work within 6 hours. However, it is recommended to leave the treated surface to dry up at least 2 days to ensure optimun performance.
Dosage: 1 litre/area of about 8 square meters (depend on type of material)
Storage: In a dry and well-ventilated shaded place
Direction for Use
DryMax™ DP Nano Waterproof Treatment
DryMax™ DP is ready for use without dilution. Dosage depends on the degree of absorbency of the substrate to be treated. As a general guidance, an area of 1 square metre consumes approx. 100-150 grams or approx. 5 sq. metres per litre. After the substrate has been treated with DryMax™ DP , it is required to wait for a period of 5-7 days prior to an additional surface treatment such as silicate paint and/or DryMax™ can be applied on top.

DryMax™ DP can be applied using brush and low pressure spray. For new concrete before applying DryMax™ DP , it has to cure properly first which normally takes 28 days. Application by atomization is not recommended. For old concrete it has to be cleaned and air dried before applying DryMax™ DP .

Surface cleaning of old concrete can be done by sand/water blasting or by chemical cleaning agent.

DryMax™ DP must not be in contact with water before and while it is being applied. Avoid applying DryMax™ DP under windy and raining condition. Temperature during application and temperature of the substrate should be below 40 ºC as well as not less than 0 ºC. Metal, glass, wood and plastic which are non-absorbing materials are not recommended to use DryMax™ DP . DryMax™ DP , silicatepaint and DryMax™ are recommended to be used together in combination as a package of perfect protection of concrete structure and surface under our “Super Paint System” a concept that makes requirements on functionality and aesthetics go together with no compromise.