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Why DryMax™?

DryMax™ Nano Waterproof Coating is a nano waterproof product made from nano technology with nano level particle size. DryMax™ forms chemical bonding with treated surface resulting in a strong adhesion to the surface making the treatment not easily rubbed away ensuring longer service life than similar products available in the market.

Untreated & Treated

What can DryMax™ do?

Normally the surfaces of building and house pick up airborne dirts such as exhaust gases, soots, water, rain, microorganism. fungi, mosses and etc. which accumulate on the surface and become dirty stains that cause the building and house unappealing to viewers. DryMax™ stops such phenomenon to happen by chemical mechanism that terminates the formation of stains caused by dirts from water and oil.

Simply treat or spray DryMax™

on the concrete, stone, ceramic, brick or wood surface. DryMax™ will react with the treated surface causing the surface to possess property of not picking up dirts from water and oil in the air, thus surface treated by DryMax™ will remain clean without stains, fungi, mosses and etc. Moreover, DryMax™ also helps prolonging service life of concrete, stone, ceramic and wood.
Untreated & Treated

Dirts are simply washed out by rain or just mild cleaning

Biodegradable without strong odor
Colorless treatment
Clean & breathable surface
Appealing sight of building facade
Retarding growth of fungi, mosses and microorganisms
Disallowing adhesion of poster, chewing gum and the like to surface