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What is DryMax™ DP?

DryMax™ DP Nano Waterproof Treatment is a nano deep penetrating waterproofing agent suitable for applying on substrates such as concrete, brick, stone and tile in outdoor environment. With almost 100% active ingredient it, therefore, offers a lifetime protection to a properly treated substrate. DryMax™ DP penetrates deep inside substrate and crosslinks with the capillaries and pores inside the substrate and forms water repellent effect from inside.

Untreated & Treated

What can DryMax™ DP do?

DryMax™ DP is invented and produced for the purpose of concrete structure protection. Thanks to the state-of-the-art nano technology, once DryMax™ DP is applied to the substrate surface, DryMax™ DP will penetrate deep inside the substrate and create waterproofing effect to protect the structure against water damage and steel bar against corrosion. The structure, therefore, can enjoy a lifetime protection.
Untreated & Treated

Biodegradable and non bioaccumulative
<1 nm. particle size enabling deep penetration into the pores
Creating strong crosslinking inside the substrate
Protecting structure from water damage
Protecting steel bar from corrosion
Protecting against cracks